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A) Private Market Business Development

B) Tender Business Development

Private Market Business Development

Regulatory Efficiency
  • Khoury Drug Store employs a highly qualified team of pharmacists that focus on the registration of new products. 

  • The same qualified team also follows up the re-registration of every product in the company, ensuring all products remain valid and marketed.

  • A strong and professional relationship with JFDA departments built on a scientific basis, leading to positive negotiations and follow up across all regulatory aspects.

  • One of the highest track records in achieving prompt registrations. 

Product Pricing Strategy
  • KDS's regulatory team provides proper analysis to the pricing committee, justifying that the required public price is the most suitable as based on therapeutic indications. 

  • KDS's regulatory team also provides a comparison of the required public price with the prices in the country of origin and within neighboring countries, as needed. ​

Marketing & Sales
  • KDS team has the experience to provide full marketing plans and implementation to ensure the success of any new product or any product undergoing re-launch.

  • KDS cooperates fully with multinational principals to implement their yearly marketing plans, ensuring success and target achievement.

  • KDS employs a top highly trained sales force. 

Tender Business Development

Tender List Introductions
  • KDS tenders team has the experience to provide full scientific support in order to introduce new products to the tender list of Jordan's Procurement Department (JPD).

  • KDS tenders team provides full support to its multinational principals to ensure that their products are included on the tender list in substantial quantities. 

Tender Participation
  • KDS tenders team is always alert, ensuring that all tenders are purchased immediately (as soon as announced), with invitations sent out to principals to participate.

  • KDS tenders team receives the offer from principals and ensures competitive pricing based on accurate tender information in order to win the award.

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